Diary: Sunday 25 September 2022

Chris, Astrid, Alan, Dave and Rita working really hard in the cemetery today (25 September 2022). The team worked together moving the Mullins grave out of its hiding place in the brambles and the small headstone plus two base stones and a pot were placed next to the Haggaton grave. Although its original position is 3 plots away, it would mean putting it right in the middle of the pathway, so for safety it sits next to the Haggaton away from harm. The boys moved it and the girls cleaned the headstone and pot – and very nice it looks too!

The Mullins Stone.

Astrid and Dave then moved over to behind the first house in Wembdon Road and continued to dig up bramble roots and clear the ground, they worked really well and the area is beginning to look good. Next step is what is to be done on the small part of wall and foundations uncovered – watch this space! All will be revealed when minds are made up! Our nice neighbour mid-way up in Wembdon Road has very kindly cut back half of the ‘new hedge’ (not new any longer, but that’s it’s name!) Rita worked away on her own filling one and a half dumpy bags of clippings. Thank you neighbour you did a good job.

Progress on the lodge wall, 25 September 2022

Meanwhile Chris and Alan worked on the Symes 8-51 grave which Alan started on Wednesday, cementing the granite kerbs and posts back together, then moved over to the Stowell 8-50 and cleared the grave and surrounding area of weeds and grass and cemented the loose post back together. All in all another good days work.

The Friends of the Wembdon Road Cemetery are part of the National Federation of Cemetery Friends.

1 thought on “Diary: Sunday 25 September 2022”

  1. Pam Fudge /Squibbs

    I have been so impressed with what you are all doing to improve the Wembdon Road Cemetery. I’ve enjoyed seeing the photographs of your activities. They give a clear picture of the job in hand and what you have all already achieved. It’s impressive.
    I was so impressed to see how you sorted out my great grandpa Abraham Squibbs’ grave. With Miles’ help I am still working on my book about him.
    Best wishes to you all from across the border in Wales.
    Regards Pam.

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