Diary: Sunday 9 October 2022

 Only Alan and Chris in the cemetery today (9 October 2022), it was warm and sunny. Chris had been in working on the Friday and Saturday clearing grass and weeds around a number of graves including the Manchip 4-26, Strange 8-28 and Harris 8-34.

With the Manchip grave uncovered it was decided to sort out the kerbs and give it a general clean.

Next job tackled was the Strange grave where the landing had sunk one side and was broken in three places. The kerbs and posts were removed and the old cement joints cleaned off, the landing was levered up and packed with blocks to make it level. Cement was then added to secure the broken joints and in and around the base of the landing. The kerbs and posts were then placed back into position and will be cemented back together at a later date.

Chris at work 9 October 2022
Chris at work 9 October 2022

The Harris grave with red granite kerbs and posts had sunk one side, it was decided not to level the landing. As one of the posts was loose, Chris cleaned off the old cement and cemented the post back into position. As Astrid will be unable to come to the cemetery for a couple of months, Alan and Chris went over to look at the area where her and Dave had uncovered the foundations of a building that was linked to the old chapel, to see what could be done to preserve this area and will discuss their ideas when Dave is next in the cemetery.

Strange before
Strange after
Harris after corner repair

The Friends of the Wembdon Road Cemetery are part of the National Federation of Cemetery Friends.

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