Diary: Thursday 17 November 2022

As it was a nice sunny day (17 November 2022) and the forecast for Sunday looked like rain, Alan decided to pop in the cemetery to work on the excavations which turned out to be the wood shed floor. He dug back to the wall to see if there was any solid flooring past the paving area of bricks, unfortunately only earth. Photographs were taken of the uncovered floor area, then the area was backfilled with the earth excavated to protect the brick floor over the winter months. More work to be done to level out the area, but no urgency as this can be completed next year.

Wembdon Road Cemetery Chaple
The former Church of England Chapel, taken in the 1960s. The lodge can be seen on the left, then a lean-to building by its side, which was excavated today (17 November 2022).
The floor of the shed emerging. A decent brick floor seems to cover the outer portion of the building.
The rear either no longer has its brick floor, or else it may have not been deemed necessary to add one.
The walls are made of red Wembdon sandstone (or mudstone), whereas pictures of the chapel above show that and the lodge to have been made of lias stone.
After recording the patch of ground was covered over again. We may explore more next year.

The Friends of the Wembdon Road Cemetery are part of the National Federation of Cemetery Friends.

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