Diary: Sunday 15 October 2023

Another nice sunny day (15 October 2023) for the workers, Astrid, Dave and Alan. They got stuck in and cleared up all the debris at the top end of the cemetery that had been piled up by Alan when working in the cemetery at the beginning of the week.

The team then moved down to the 'new' hedge behind the houses on Wembdon Road that was cut back last week by a neighbour. They cleared all the cuttings and bagged them up filling three dumpy bags, then cut back the grass in front of the pathway that borders the hedge. Hard and heavy work as the ground and grass was wet, although good progress was made only a third of the work was completed, so a fair bit more to do.

15 October 2023
15 October 2023

After all that they felt a light job was needed, so the three of them walked around the cemetery to identify memorials that could be considered for a tidy up over the next few months and and decided they will look at improving the area at the top of plan 14 and section M.

Astrid and Dave then made their way home, Alan stayed for a while cutting back the Ash tree saplings next to the neighbours fence at the North end of the cemetery and removing brambles that were encroaching the fence.. He had just finished when Rita returned from her carnival work to be taken home, after she had inspected the work completed today.

The Somerset Council Team had been in and taken all the debris away and emptied over 20 dumpy bags. Thank you very much.

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