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table (see factor FT): Due to different specifications of rated current the recommended continuous current of the fuse links is max. Since temporary overloads are by definition harmless, overcurrent protective devices should not open or clear the circuit. Since overcurrent protection is crucial to reliable electrical system operation and safety, overcurrent device selection and application should be carefully considered. ヒューズを実装するボードの周囲温度に対応したディレーティングをする必要があります。図4に例示したように、ディレーティングの量は、データシートに記載されています。 チップヒューズでは、溶断が外から見えないということがあります。 An overcurrent of 10,000 amperes that lasts for 0.01 seconds has an I2t of 1,000,000 A2s. For questions about product applications, call our Technical Support Group at 800-TEC-FUSE. If the operating voltage is very low, the fuse link's natural resistance (voltage drop) must possibly be taken into consideration. (They are presented as an envelope curve for all mentioned rated currents.). The heating conditions of the maximum occurring ambient temperature have to be checked, in particular with high rated currents of the fuses, and a strong thermal radiation of components nearby. possible fault current which can occur. Consists of equipment and components not subject to obsolescence and requiring only minimum maintenance that can be performed by regular maintenance personnel using readily available tools and equipment. An overload is an overcurrent confined to normal current paths in which there is no insulation breakdown. The breaking capacity (IB) should be sufficient for any operating and error conditions. Under short-circuit conditions, will the overcurrent protective device minimize the possibility of a fire or explosion? With regard to the product-safety of the device and the life/reliability of the fuse links, a correct choice is important. Temporary overloads occur frequently. Since there is no load impedance, the only factor limiting current flow is the total distribution system's impedance from the utility's generators to the point of fault. DIN, ISO, JASO, partially maximum values common for Littelfuse are stated as well. Even though government-mandated high-efficiency motors and NEMA Design E motors have much higher locked rotor currents, POWR-PRO® time-delay fuses such as the FLSR_ID, LLSRK_ID, or IDSR series have sufficient time-delay to permit motors to start when the fuses are properly selected in accordance with the NEC®. Fuses with ampere ratings from 601 through 6,000 amperes. Large overcurrents may melt conductors and vaporize insulation. For additional guidance please view our Fuse Technology Reference Guide or contact the Littelfuse products representative in your area: Refers to the temperature of the air immediately surrounding the fuse and is not to be confused with “room temperature.” The fuse ambient temperature is appreciably higher in many cases, because it is enclosed (as in a panel mount fuseholder) or mounted near other heat producing components, such as resistors, transformers, etc. However, should the overcurrent continue, fuses must then open before system components are damaged. In operation, these values can occur for some time. These test conditions are part of UL/CSA/ANCE (Mexico) 248-14 “Fuses for Supplementary Overcurrent Protection,” whose primary objective is to specify common test standards necessary for the continued control of manufactured items intended for protection against fire, etc. Other non-glass fuse sizes and constructions were determined by functional requirements, but they still retained the length or diameter dimensions of the glass fuses. A system with quality overcurrent protection has the following characteristics: An overcurrent is any current that exceeds the ampere rating of conductors, equipment, or devices under conditions of use. アズワンのAXEL(アクセル)【Littelfuse】基板実装用ヒューズのコーナーです。AXELは研究開発、医療介護、生産現場、食品衛生など幅広い分野に420万点以上の品揃えでお応えする商品サイト。3000円以上ご注文で送料無料。 The mentioned melting integrals are typical values. What kind of environmental extremes are possible? When overcurrents are large enough, heating is practically instantaneous. リード線付き基板実装リセッタブルヒューズ 0.9A (動作電流:1.8A) 16V dc  RUSBF090, リード線付き基板実装リセッタブルヒューズ 1.85A (動作電流:3.7A) 16V dc  RUSBF185, リード線付き基板実装リセッタブルヒューズ 2.5A (動作電流:5A) 16V dc  RUSBF250, 表面実装 リセッタブルヒューズ 240V ac/dc 0.33A  F74007-000, 表面実装 リセッタブルヒューズ 240V ac/dc 0.33A 1210  F74007-000, リード線付き基板実装リセッタブルヒューズ 1.35A (動作電流:2.7A) 30V dc  RUEF135, リード線付き基板実装リセッタブルヒューズ 5A (動作電流:8.5A) 16V  RGEF500, 表面実装 リセッタブルヒューズ 3A 15V dc 1.5A  SMD150F-2, 表面実装 リセッタブルヒューズ 14A 6V dc 7A  2920L700SLPR, 表面実装 リセッタブルヒューズ 10A 16V dc 5A  2920L500/16MR, 表面実装 リセッタブルヒューズ 8A 15V dc 4A  2920L400/15MR, 表面実装 リセッタブルヒューズ 5.5A 24V dc 3.3A  2920L330/24MR, 表面実装 リセッタブルヒューズ 750mA 30V dc 0.35A  1812L035/30DR, 表面実装 リセッタブルヒューズ 5A 15V dc 2.5A  2920L250DR, 表面実装 リセッタブルヒューズ 400mA 60V dc 0.2A  1812L020/60DR, 表面実装 リセッタブルヒューズ 400mA 30V dc 0.2A  1812L020PR, 表面実装 リセッタブルヒューズ 1.5A 24V dc 0.75A  1812L075/24DR, 表面実装 リセッタブルヒューズ 1.95A 16V dc 1.1A  1812L110/16DR, 表面実装 リセッタブルヒューズ 200mA 60V dc 0.1A  60R010XU, 表面実装 リセッタブルヒューズ 1.5A 16V dc 0.75A  1206L075/16WR, 表面実装 リセッタブルヒューズ 2.2A 16V dc 1.1A  1210L110/16WR, 表面実装 リセッタブルヒューズ 3A 16V dc 1.5A  1210L150/16WR, 表面実装 リセッタブルヒューズ 1.5A 13.2V dc 0.75A  1206L075/13.2WR, 表面実装 リセッタブルヒューズ 3.5A 12V dc 2A  1812L200/12DR, 表面実装 リセッタブルヒューズ 600mA 60V dc 0.3A  2920L030DR. Unless removed in time, even moderate overcurrents quickly overheat system components, damaging insulation, conductors, and equipment. The current flow is interrupted by the melting of the fuse wire in which the current flows. The maximum power dissipation (PV) is determined at a load with rated current, after having obtained temperature equilibrum. Too frequently, fires, explosions, poisonous fumes and panic accompany uncontrolled overcurrents. The melting integral (I2t) results from the squared melting current and the corresponding melting time. A current of only 7,500 amperes can melt a #8 AWG copper wire in 0.1 second. This section discusses these topics with special attention to the application of fuses. To select the proper overcurrent protective device for an electrical system, circuit and system designers should ask themselves the following questions before a system is designed: Answers to these questions and other criteria will help to determine the type overcurrent protection device to use for optimum safety, reliability and performance. A 480 volt single-phase circuit with the 10 ohm load impedance would draw 48 amperes (480/10 = 48). The rated voltage (UN) of a fuse link has to be at least equal or higher than the operating voltage of the device or assembly unit which is to be protected with the fuse link. ), Application testing and verification prior to production. Common causes include temporary equipment overloads such as a machine tool taking too deep of a cut, or simply the starting of an inductive load such as a motor. Refer to the FUSE SELECTION GUIDE section for guidance on making the proper choice. Some common variations of these standards include: fully enclosed fuseholders, high contact resistances, air movement, transient spikes, and changes in connecting cablesize (diameter and length). View the Littelfuse POWR-GARD Catalog for Complete Fuse Selection Information. ヒューズとブレーカの違いです。 2.ヒューズの用語 溶断電流? 遮断電流? 知っているようで知らないヒューズの用語をアプリケーションガイドに 記載しております。 ・・・etc JEITA-RCR4800 ヒューズの種類・用語(P5~P11) 6 The first fuses were simple, open-wire devices, followed in the 1890’s by Edison’s enclosure of thin wire in a lamp base to make the first plug fuse. アズワンのaxel(アクセル)チップヒューズのコーナーです。axelは研究開発、医療介護、生産現場、食品衛生など幅広い分野に420万点以上の品揃えでお応えする商品サイト。3000円以上ご注文で送料無料。 Within eight milliseconds (0.008 seconds or one-half cycle), a current of 6,500 amperes can raise the temperature of #12 AWG THHN thermoplastic insulated copper wire from its operating temperature of 75°C to its maximum short-circuit temperature of 150°C. It is established by the manufacturer as a value of current which the fuse can carry, based on a controlled set of test conditions (See RERATING). The fuses under discussion are temperature-sensitive devices whose ratings have been established in a 25ºC ambient. 「基板用 ヒューズ」の販売特集です。MonotaROの取扱商品の中から基板用 ヒューズに関連するおすすめ商品をピックアップしています。 ... (11種類の商品があります) Fault currents of 100,000 amperes can exert forces of more than 7,000 lb. 9 社 | 24 件. ヒューズ ヒューズホルダ・横型 ヒューズホルダ・中継型 ヒューズホルダ・筒型 ヒューズ管 ヒューズサイズ別 Ø5.2×20mm Ø6.35×30mm Ø6.35×31.8mm Ø6.4×30mm Ø10.31×38.1mm Ø15×50mm The necessary breaking capacity of the fuse link is determined by the max. The numbers were applied chronologically as different manufacturers started making a new size: “3AG,” for example, was the third size placed on the market. The voltage drop (UN) is measured according to standards e.g. The melting integral is an index for the time-current characteristic and informs about the pulse consistency of a fuse link. What is the maximum available fault current the protective device may have to interrupt? These high currents can pull cables from their terminals and crack insulators and spacers.

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