The Board/Akerman Memorial D6 4/654

Conserved Summer 2014 by Fine Memorials for the Friends of the Wembdon Road Cemetery

The dismantled Board/Akerman memorial in 2008

The Board/Akerman memorial was once the tallest in the cemetery, a slender, lofty gothic spire-obelisk, which had been unnecessarily dismantled and broken in the process. It was made of a fine white marble. The Friends decided to have this memorial repaired as part of our focus on improving the appearance of the cemetery along the main path, but also as this giant can be seen from almost all corners of the cemetery, not least from the Wembdon Road.

As the base was in perfect order all Fine Memorials needed to do was to pin and mortar the two sections of the obelisk back into place.

The first section having been pinned back into place, awaiting the addition of its broken top.
The memorial completely re-erected. August 2014.
Details of the memorial. December 2014.
The complete Board/Akerman memorial. The Friends volunteers spent time cleaning the marble so it appeared white again.

The Friends later held a rededication for the memorial, which also included a visit to the ruins of Castle House with SAVE Britain's Heritage, who were in the process of restoring the building.