The Bowering Memorial D6/8/658

The Bowering Memorial was repaired in the Summer of 2016 by Fine Memorials for the Friends of the Wembdon Road Cemetery.

The Bowering Memorial as first found in 2008.

The Bowering angel remembers the family who founded Bowering's Animal Feeds, who operate from the Cake Mill on the Docks. The inscription reads: 8/658 In loving memory of Albert Bowering, who died December 26th 1930 aged 66 years. Also Ernest son of the above who died December 6th 1916 aged 23 years. O spirit, freed from the earth before thy work is done. Also of Anna Maria Bowering, wife of the above, who entered into rest October 2nd 1945 aged 79 years. R.I.P.

The memorial takes the form of a cross and Victorious angel, mounted on a three tier base. At some point this had been dismantled. The angel's arm had been broken off, although the Friends were able to find and preserve it, so that it was possible that it could be reattached.

Bowering after the Friends had cleared away the ivy prior to its repair.

Fine Memorials carried out the work. The base of the memorial was sound, so the cross was pinned and cemented back into place, returning the angel to her former home.

With the memorial back up, she's just awaiting the return of her arm and for the Friends' volunteers to fix her kerbs and supply some chippings.

Bowerings are known locally for their Victorian mill building.