The Bowerman Memorial B12/113

The Bowerman Memorial was repaired in September 2013 by Fine Memorials and the Friend's Maintenance Volunteers

Bowerman Memorial
The memorial as found in 2008

The inscription of this cross reads: 12/113. In loving Memory of Mark Bowerman born July 18th 1857, died February 2nd 1916. Never forgotten by loving wife and children beyond the sea of death love lies. Yesterday, today and forever. Also of Amelia wife of the above born October 20th 1860 died December 13th 1926. Also of Beatrice May Nicolas daughter of the above and beloved wife of F Critchell Paige who died at Edinburgh on 29th October 1918. To memory ever dear. Also of Cecil Bowerman son of the above who passed away July 4th 1935 aged 38 years.

As part of the wider effort to tidy the area along the main path near the Wembdon Road entrance, memorial 113, a large Gothic Cross commemorating the Bowerman family was re-erected. As the Cottom memorial 114 was being conserved at the benevolence of Mr Gibson it was felt that its the entire row should be repaired to compliment it, as well as generally improving the look of the cemetery from the main road. The base was reset and then the cross was pinned back into place. Once the cross was standing again the Friends set about tidying the kerbs and chippings.

Bowerman Memorial
The memorial in Spring 2014.
The memorial with new chippings from Cannington Quarry. August 2014.