The Boyce Memorial 65/345

The Boyce Memorial was repaired in May 2021 by Fine Memorials for Harry Frost.

The Boyce Memorial as found back in 2008, toppled and liable to fall victim to the council mower.

The Boyce Memorial is a very large marble stone, very close to the border of the Paupers' green. The Inscription reads:

65/345 In Memory Of Thomas Boyce who died February 19th 1902 aged 84 years. Also of Jemima beloved wife of the above who died August 5th 1867 aged 49 years. Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord. Also of John Boyce son of the above who died August 1st 1941 aged 89 years.

When the Friends first surveyed the cemetery in 2008 the stone was toppled, and the adjoining templar stone was at an almost 45 degree angle. On Wednesday 31 March Fine Memorials spent the day laying a new foundation for the stone and pinned and cemented it back into place, with the assistance of their portable gantry.

The Boyce Memorial cleaned with its new chippings. This is an impressively tall headstone, and makes a good focal point for this part of the cemetery.