The Bradbeer Memorial B30/93

The Bradbeer memorial was repaired in September of 2013 by Fine Memorials and the Friend's Maintenance Volunteers

Bradbeer Memorial
The memorial in 2008

The inscription reads: To the memory of William James dearly beloved husband of Selina Elizabeth Bradbeer who died August 8th 1920 aged 32 years until the daybreak. In memorandum Lewis Willie Nurse the beloved and loving husband of Ida Nurse died June 9th 1936 aged 71 years. Also of Ida Nurse died January 23rd 1956 aged 89 years.

As part of the wider effort to tidy the area along the main path near the Wembdon Road entrance, memorial 93, a very large polished granite Celtic Cross commemorating the Bradbeer family was reassembled. This memorial had been dismantled by the District Council sometime in the 1990s and laid flat.

It was felt that this memorial, although slightly further from the main path was perhaps the largest cross in the cemetery and would look impressive once standing again. The base was reset then the shaft was pinned back into the base. Once the cross was standing again the Friends set about tidying the kerbs. New chippings were sourced for within the kerbs from Cannington Quarry, which fit in well with the overall look of the cross.

Bradbeer Memorial
The memorial in Spring 2014.