The Colsey Memorial B53/244

The Colsey memorial was repaired in the Summer of 2016 by Fine Memorials for the Colsey family of Australia

The memorial in 2008.

The Colsey memorial is a proud three tier cross and kerb structure. The heavy cross and grave subsidence had led to the memorial's toppling, and it was in a sorry state when the cemetery was surveyed in 2008, as can be seen in the pictures above. The inscription reads: 53/244 In Affectionate Memory of Elizabeth Jane the dearly beloved wife of J. J. Colsey who died October 29th 1911 aged 46 years. Also of the above named John J. Colsey who died May 7th 1929 aged 64 years.

The memorial in 2015

Parts of the Colsey family had moved to Australia and decided to visit the cemetery in the summer of 2015. The Friends did their best to tidy up the memorial before their visit. Upon seeing the state of their ancestor's memorial they asked us to arrange its repair for them.

Fine Memorials of Bridgwater stabilised the base of the memorial, cemented its parts together, then pinned and cemented the large cross back into place.

The Friends' volunteers then worked to tidy up the kerb and add new chippings.

Finally they set about cleaning the stone to brighten it up.