The Cottam Memorial B13/114

The Cottam Memorial was repaired in September of 2013 by Fine Memorials and the Friend's Maintenance Volunteers for Derek Gibson

The memorial as found in 2008

The inscription reads: In Loving Memory of Arthur Cottam F.R.A.S. born April 9th 1836 entered into rest November 23rd 1911. I am the resurrection and the life believest thou this. John XI v. 25-26. Also of Mary wife of the above fell asleep Aug 9 1928 aged 88 years.

Arthur Cottam (1836-1911) was a remarkable polymath in Science. Born in Surrey, he worked most of his life as a civil servant in London, before moving to Bridgwater in 1905. He had a love of music, being deputy organist in St Mary’s church, painting, photography and natural history, publishing various papers on the topic and possessing an extensive moth and butterfly collection. He also wrote widely on the use of the microscope. However, it was astronomy in which he was the most remarkable. He was made a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1862 and was one of the founding members of the Royal Astronomical Association in 1890, which aimed to broaden popular participation in star gazing. He published a very important book, Charts of the Constellations in 1889, which included a number of star-maps. Also buried here is Arthur’s wife Mary, who died in 1928, aged 88 years.

In order to remember the efforts that the Cottam family made in the improvement of Bridgwater, memorial 114, an unusual Celtic Cross was repaired for Mr D. Gibson. The base was reset and then the cross was pinned back into place. Once the cross was standing again the Friends set about tidying the kerbs and chippings.

The memorial in Spring 2014.
114 Cottam 113 Bowerman 112 Jones 111 Humphreys
The whole row, before and after.
The Memorial with its new chippings from Cannington Quarry. August 2014

Once the repairs were complete, a rededication service was held.