The Creedy Memorial G97/250

The Creedy Memorial was repaired in the Autumn of 2014 by Fine Memorials for the Creedy family

Creedy Memorial
The memorial in 2008. It had been laid at an angle, but was in otherwise good condition.

The inscription reads:  In affectionate remembrance of Raymond John beloved (second) son of Charles and Ivy Creedy who passed away December 31st 1931 aged 12 years. At rest in Gods keeping. Also of Charles Creedy beloved husband of Ivy Creedy who died June 3rd 1948 aged 52 years. God be with you till we meet again. His beloved wife Ivy Ida Creedy who passed away May 12th 1955 aged 65 years.

By 2010 the angel suffered from vandalism, being lifted and then pushed over breaking her wing and her cross.
After the family visited the cemetery they decided to have the memorial repaired. Before Fine Memorials carried out the work, Alan, the works coordinator, cleaned up its marble.
Fine Memorials managed to fix the wing and pin the whole cross back onto its base.
Creedy Memorial
The memorial cleaned and now awaiting chippings
Chippings from Cannington Quarry added to the kerbs. The Creedy Memorial angel back to her former glory, one of the most loved monuments in the site.