The Facey Memorial A47/1329

The Facey Memorial was reassembled in the Summer of 2016 by Fine Memorials for the Friends

Facey Memorial
The jumble of Facey pieces in front of the Cook memorial in 2012.

The Facey memorial is a humble kerb set. It is position just below the Grade II listed Cook memorial and over the years had been disarticulated and broken up. The inscription reads: 47/1329 In Loving Memory of William H. Facey who died Oct. 7th 1943 aged 61 years. (on pot) Also of Blanche Facey who died Sept. 11th 1964 aged 83 years (on curb)

Due to its prominent location by the main path, and its setting by the Cook memorial, it was decided to repair this memorial as a priority. However, part of the reason it had been so damaged was its proximity to the main path, being knocked by the mower each time it came in. Therefore when it was repaired it was set back a couple of inches. Fine Memorials set a new landing foundation, upon which the kerbs were cemented into place.

Facey Memorial

After Fine Memorials had finished their work the Friends gave the memorial a clean, laid membrane and put in new chippings. Now it looked much more fitting.