The Francis Memorial B38/84

The Francis Memorial was repaired in the Summer of 2014 by Fine Memorials for the Friends

Francis Memorial
The toppled memorial in 2008.

The Francis memorial, a modest but picturesque cross, was re-erected by the Friends. It took the form of a rugged granite cross, on an equally rugged boulder, which bore the inscription.

The inscription reads: 38/84. In Memory of Bella Francis the beloved wife of William Francis who died September 9th 1921 aged 78 years. Also above mentioned William Francis who died March 20th 1927 aged 78

William was from Shoreham, Sussex and lived in Heads Wine & Spirit Vaults of 41 St Mary Street, Bridgwater in 1911. Bella was born in Blackheath, London. They were prosperous enough to afford such a grand memorial cross.

It was chosen to start completing the section near the old Anglican Chapel and generally improve the vista of the cemetery from the Wembdon Road. The base had to be levelled before the cross could be pinned and mortared back into place. Fine Memorials were able to ensure this difficult task was easily accomplished, and now the memorial looks like it had never been in pieces.

The memorial re-erected
Francis Memorial
August 2014

This memorial's repair greatly improved the looks of the cemetery in this area.