The Goodland Memorial B43/79

The Goodland Memorial was repaired in the Summer of 2016 by Fine Memorials for the Friends

Goodland Memorial

The Goodland Memorial is an impressive granite cross, and is one of the tallest in this area of tall crosses in the cemetery. The inscription reads: In Loving Memory of Leslie M. L. Goodland only son of C. J. & K. M. Goodland died April 29th 1918 at Wellington, Nilgiris, India aged 31. Promoted to Glory. Also of C. J. Goodland beloved husband of K. M. Goodland passed on June 1st 1940 aged 72 years. Also of Kate Mary Goodland who passed over July 27th 1944 aged 76 years. Re-United.

It was the last to be raised in the section between the Wembdon Road and the Anglican Chapel Mound and was perhaps the most difficult. The grave below had sunk, which had collapsed the memorial and toppled the large and very heavy cross. It was not enough to pin the cross back into place, the whole memorial had to be dismantled.

The ground below the memorial then had to be carefully levelled and compacted, so that no further subsidence would affect the stones.

Once the ground was stable and level and new concrete 'raft' was added as a foundation. The base stone of the cross was pinned and cemented back into place.

The next large block was then pinned and cemented into place.

Goodland Memorial

There Fine Memorials finished with a job well done. All that remained was for the Friends volunteers to lay membrane and then chippings into the kerbs.