The Gratton Memorial K19/618

The Gratton memorial was repaired in the Autumn of 2014 by Fine Memorials for Mr. Kev Tucker

Gratton Memorial
The memorial as it was first found in 2008, toppled and in danger of being completely overwhelmed by the turf. Or worse, being damaged by the council mower.
During the Friends' cleaning works in the cemetery the top of the memorial was uncovered so that the inscription could be recorded.

The inscription reads: 19/618 In Loving Memory of Henry J Gratton who died July 8th 1894 aged 34 years. Mary Wills Gratton, sister of the above.

This memorial is on the quieter side of the cemetery, not very far from the Jam Factory Lane. The memorial is a large slate headstone with an elaborate ogee and cross top. Given its shape its a wonder it had not been broken while it had been on the ground.

Gratton Memorial
The Gratton Memorial was lifted, pinned and set on a new concrete base.

This memorial now neatly punctuates this part of the cemetery, improving the overall view, especially while it waits for some of its neighbours to be likewise raised and repaired. If you have a family memorial in this area, get in contact if it needs to be repaired.