The Mary Ann Helps Memorial A10/45

The Mary Ann Helps Memorial was repaired in the Summer of 2014 by Fine Memorials for the Friends

Mary Ann Helps Memorial
The Helps Cross not long before it was repaired. It had been needlessly toppled at some point in the previous twenty years.

The Helps Memorial a simple cross near the main gate of the cemetery. The inscription reads: 10/45. In Loving Memory of Mary Helps widow of the late James Helps of Colchester who fell asleep February 25th 1915 aged 77 years. Peace Perfect Peace.

We find Mary Ann Helps in the 1911 Census. She was living at Westleigh, 34 Durleigh Road in the household of her son, Edward William Helps, who was working as a Incorporated Accountant and Manager for J & A W Sully, Accountants of Bridgwater.

The cross was repaired as part of the Friends effort to tidy up the section of the cemetery closest to the Wembdon Road, to improve the look of the site in this most visible area. The memorial was simply mortared back into place.

Mary Ann Helps Memorial
The repaired Mary Ann Helps Memorial, August 2014.

This memorial is quite close to the Wembdon Road, as can be seen in the picture above, and as such its repair greatly improves the vista over the cemetery for those passing by.