The Hickman Memorial H21/511

The Hickman Memorial was repaired in May 2021 by Fine Memorials for The Friends

Hickman in about 2010.

The Hickman memorial was repaired for the Friends Spring 2021, as part of a wider effort to improve a junction within the Anglican portion of the cemetery. The inscription reads:

Eliza the beloved wife of William Hickman who died July 3rd 1919. The memory of the just is blessed. Also of the above named William Hickman who died Sept. 29th 1923 aged 81 years.

A biography of William and Eliza Hickman can be read here. They were chemists of Eastover.

The Hickman memorial consisted of an ornate gothic cross, set upon a plinth of three blocks, with a kerb set around the rest of the plot. Fine Memorials of Bridgwater started worn on Wednesday 31 March 2021 and had the cross pinned and cemented back into place within the day.

Fine Memorials at work, with cross up and kerbs tidied up.

The Friends' volunteers then set about cleaning the stone and adding chippings into the kerb set.

The elaborate Hickman memorial repaired and in the sun.

As well as the biographies mentioned above, you can also hear about the Hickmans in this video.