The Holland Memorial D5/3/1241

The Holland Memorial was repaired in September 2013 by Fine Memorials for Councillor Gill Slocombe, from her Ward Fund.

In March 2012, while clearing and tidying the north east corner of the cemetery, an unexpected surprise was the discovery of the memorial commemorating the Holland family. One of those recorded, W.T. Holland, is a well known name in Bridgwater, being the mayor of Bridgwater when the town bridge was opened in 1883 and whose name was subsequently inscribed upon its sides. The memorial itself was in excellent condition and had hardly weathered since its creation. However it had very badly subsided and was at a very unfortunate angle.

Holland Memorial

Extracts from the Bridgwater Mercury on the death of W.T. Holland

We deeply regret to record the death which took place at his residence, the "Lions" riverside, Bridgwater on Monday morning last of Mr William Thomas Holland, ex mayor, Alderman and J.P, at the age of sixty-five years. The deceased was formerly well known as one of the largest employers of labour in Bridgwater. He did not identify himself very much in public affairs in the borough until November 1878, but since then he has been intimately associated with them in many useful capacity. having been elected a member of the corporation on the 17th November 1878, he was two days afterwards appointed chief magistrate of the borough and was re-elected Mayor the following year. In November 1880 he was elected an Alderman and had continued to fill that office up to the present time. In November 1882 the mayoralty was again conferred upon him for the third time as successor to Mr R O Backwell , and it was during this last term of office that the newly-constructed bridge over the Parrett was formally opened with a good deal of ceremony. Mr Holland had also been for many years one of the borough justices. He took a warm and active interest in the management of the affairs of the Bridgwater infirmary, he was one of the Governors of Dr Morgan's School and was appointed chairman of the Free Libraries Committee. He belong to the Unitarian body and was for some years one of the recognised leaders of the Liberal Party in the borough. In conjunction with Mrs. Holland he identified himself with and associated most of the charitable and philanthropic objects in our midst and he will be greatly missed and mourned by a large circle of friends by whom he was much esteemed and who had noticed with regret his gradually failing strength for some time past.

A large part of the 2013 work effort was to level and clear the area around the Holland grave in the north east corner. The memorial itself was restored, where the large marble slab was lifted to its former position, thanks to the very kind donation of the local Councillor Gill Slocombe from her Ward fund for which the Friends are very grateful. The work was carried out by Fine Memorial of St. Mary Street, Bridgwater.

The memorial on the day it was discovered
The memorial immediately before lifting, the surrounding ground having been levelled and tidied
WT Holland
The memorial conservation in process.
Holland Memorial
The memorial set level