The Hunt Memorial D7/34/1325

The Hunt Memorial was repaired in the Winter of 2015 by Fine Memorials for the Ms. Sheridan.

The inscription reads: 34/1325 In Loving Memory of Charles Hunt who fell asleep in Jesus on the 7th day of April 1892 in his 82nd year. The pure in heart shall see God. Also Sarah Ann wife of the above who entered into rest on 27th March 1897 in her 77th year.

Hunt Memorial

The white marble Hunt memorial had been toppled sometime in the 1990s. In the process a large chunk had broken off and in the following years its site became overgrown by brambles. After the brambles had been cut by the Friends in 2011 the memorial was discovered and recorded. In 2014 descendents of the Hunts found the memorial and decided to have it repaired. Fine Memorials of Bridgwater stapled and glued the broken section back into place, then pinned and re-erected the stone on a new base. They repaired the surrounding kerbs and cleaned the whole of decades of muck.

The repaired memorial in January 2015, awaiting the attention of the Friends volunteers.
Hunt Memorial
The memorial complete with new chippings in April 2015

For more on the life and actions of Captain Charles Hunt, see this video: