The Jobson Memorial E10/321

The Jobson Memorial was repaired in the Autumn of 2014 by Fine Memorials for Mr Herbaut, a descendant of James Jobson.

The inscription on this memorial reads: 10/321 In Loving Memory of my beloved husband Captain James Jobson who died October 20th 1910 aged 71 years. Servant of God well done, rest from thy loved employ, the battle fought the battle won, enter thy masters joy. Also of Ellen the beloved wife of the above who died December 8th 1912 aged 71 years. Re-united in Heaven.

Captain James was born in Bedminster, before moving to Bridgwater and eventually came to own a home in Castle Street, which is an indication of the prosperity he achieved in his life time.

This is how we found the memorial when we first surveyed the cemetery in 2008.

Fine Memorials at work. The base of the cross was pinned and lifted into place.
Jobson Memorial
The memorial repaired, awaiting new chippings.
Jobson Memorial
The memorial finished with new chippings.

Now completed, this memorial helped improve the overall look of the cemetery along the main path and in the area around the former Anglican chapel. New chippings were sourced from Cannington Quarry nearby. All in all, this was a job well done.