The Kirk Memorial G76/300

The Kirk Memorial was repaired in 2013 by Fine Memorials & cleaned by Mr Dave Webb for Mr Kev Tucker.

 Kirk Memorial
The memorial as found in 2008
 Kirk Memorial
Kirk complete - upright again and marble cleaned.

The Kirk memorial is a simple traditional curved headstone, but one made in the most wonderful top-quality marble.

When the whole cemetery was surveyed in 2008 the Kirk Memorial was toppled and in danger of being gradually buried as plant debris built up. It had already lost of chunk of the side to the Council Mower. This is one of dozens of memorials in a similar condition - fortunately this one has been saved.

The inscription reads: In Affectionate Remembrance of John Kirk who died January 20th 1878 aged 88 years, Also Eliza Kirk wife of the above who died November 3rd 1891 aged 62 years. Not my will but thine be done.

In 2013 it was restored by Fine Memorials at the request of Mr. Kev Tucker, a descendant of those interred. Metal pins were inserted into the stone to re-erect it on a new base. Afterwards the memorial was cleaned up by the Mr. Dave Webb and it shone a brilliant white colour.

Biographies for the Kirks will be added to the website soon, so please check back again soon.