The Loosemore Memorial F5/417

The Loosemore Memorial was repaired in the Summer of 2014 by Fine Memorials for the Friends.

Loosemore Memorial

The Loosemore-Trippe memorial, a large and impressive Renaissance style cross, was re-erected in August 2014.

The inscription reads: 5/417 In Loving Memory of Brenda the dearly beloved daughter of John Loosemore and Mary Trippe born February 14th 1877 died June 8th 1902 aged 25 years. She is not dead but sleepeth. Also of the above John Loosemore Trippe born September 15th 1841 died August 27th 1914 aged 72 years. At rest. In Loving Memory of Louis Henry Hayter born April 7th 1865 died February 16th 1953. Sacred to the memory of Minna Hayter daughter of John Loosemore and Mary Trippe and dearly beloved wife of Louis Henry Hayter born April 7th 1879 died December 6th 1942. Also of Mary the beloved wife of John L Trippe born December 11th 1853 died February 2nd 1926 aged 73 years.

This was to compliment the second phase of works after the 'Anglican Chapel Corner', reaching into the interior of the site, along the main path. The Loosemore memorial was chosen for conservation not only for its position, but also its size and pleasing design. Once standing again it complimented the adjacent Lott memorial nicely, which was repaired at the same time. As the base was perfectly sound, all Fine Memorials had to do was to take the cross head and pin and mortar it back into place.

Loosemore Memorial
The memorial re-erected, August 2014
Cleaned with new chippings added to the kerbs.