The Major Memorial B62/204

The Major Memorial was repaired in the Spring of 2018 by Fine Memorials for the Friends and the Morgonians

The Major memorial in 2007.

The Major memorial was repaired as part of the Friends' centenary commemoration of the end of the First World War in 1918.

Arthur was the son of a brick and tile manufacturer. His family home was on Durleigh Road, across the road from the Horse and Jockey. He also attended Dr Morgan's and then joined his father's firm. He was killed in 1917 during the Battle for Jerusalem in November 1917. On 21st November the Wiltshire Regiment and the Somerset Light Infantry were ordered to attack and capture the fortified villages of El Jib and Bir Nebala. On 22nd November, they moved forward with a squadron of cavalry, the Somersets at the front of the attack under the command of Captain Major. The following morning they attacked El Jib, and immediately came under severe shrapnel and high explosive fire. The Somersets nevertheless moved forward under intense machine gun fire. Captain Oswald Major, who went forward with his company, was first wounded and then killed outright by shellfire. Small groups of his men reached the village, but all perished. His battalion lost 69 killed and over 400 wounded in the unsuccessful attack. Arthur was 42 when he died.

The Major memorial is a large cross, which had been toppled. Fine Memorials re-levelled the base and pinned the cross back into position.