The Millard Memorial B36/82

The Millard Memorial was repaired in the Summer 2014 by Fine Memorials for the Friends.

Millard Memorial

As part of the wider effort to tidy the area along the main path near the Wembdon Road entrance, memorial 82, a Gothic Cross commemorating the Millard family was reassembled.

The inscription reads: 36/82. In Loving Memory of Edmund G Millard E.R.A. served his country in the Great War who died Jan. 26th 1918 aged 21 years. We loved him well but God loved him best. In Memory of Annie J Millard beloved wife of Edmund Millard died march 12th 1925 aged 59 years. A loving wife a mother dear. Also of Edmund George Millard who died Nov 17th 1926 aged 67 years.

It was felt that this memorial, once one of the largest crosses in this section, would vastly improve the vista from the Wembdon Road once it was again standing. The base was reset, the cross head pinned back onto the shaft, then the shaft was pinned back into the base. Once the cross was standing again the Friends set about tidying the kerbs and chippings.

Millard Memorial
The Millard Memorial completed and awaiting some new stone chippings from nearby Cannington Quarry. This large gothic cross now looks great.