The Peace Memorial B64/206

The Alfred Peace Memorial was repaired in April 2019 by Fine Memorials for The Friends.

As part of the Friends' volunteers continued efforts in Section B, the Peace memorial was selected for conservation. It was a large but simple cross near the path, and would help improve the overall area. It was very close to the nearby Tucker obelisk we'd already had done, so would help enhance that nicely. The Peace memorial remembers the family of Alfred Peace, sometime Mayor of Bridgwater, and the man behind the 'Bridgwater Railway', the termination of the Somerset and Dorset railway line. The memorial reads:

64/206 In Loving Memory of Alfred Peace who died July 3rd 1912 aged 67
Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord; Romans XII v. XI
Also Mary Aglen wife of the above who died December 9th 1917 aged 74

Fine Memorials of Bridgwater dismantled the existing structure, and reset the base.

The dismantled peace memorial in the foreground.

The large cross was then pinned and cemented into place. A gantry was used to hoist it up.
The Friends Volunteers then set about repairing the kerbs and renewing the chipping within.
The Memorial completed, along with Tucker besides and the Phillipps memorial behind.