The Ponting Memorial B16/105

The Ponting Memorial was repaired in the Summer of 2014 by Fine Memorials for the Friends.

The inscription reads: 16/105. In Affectionate Remembrance of my loving wife Elizabeth Allen who died August 30th 1914 aged 69 years. She hath done what she could. Resting in Peace. Also of Edwin Allen beloved husband of Elizabeth Allen who died October 1st 1916 aged 69 years. At Rest. In Loving Memory of William Herbert Ponting who passed away Sept. 18th 1921 aged 49 years. Also of Edith Mary Ponting dearly beloved wife of William Ponting and daughter of the above who died Feb 25th 1956 aged 83 years. Re-United.

This is one of the more finely decorated carved crosses in the cemetery, bearing vines and grapes. Being close to the main path it was an obvious candidate for repair.

Ponting Memorial
The memorial in 2008, upright but not in its proper location.

The finely decorated Ponting memorial had toppled from its original location, but remained upright a few feet away. Fine Memorials were able to carry out its repair for us. It was mortared and pinned back into its proper location, as part of the Friends effort to improve the vista of the cemetery from the Wembdon Road.

Ponting Memorial
The Ponting Memorial in the process of conservation and housing a quantity of Cannington Quarry chippings.