The Rainforth Memorial B59/236

The Rainforth memorial was repaired in April 2019 by Fine Memorials for Miles Kerr-Peterson and Michelle Craig

The Rainforth cross memorial before its repair. The cross had been toppled then lost, and the kerbs were broken.

This memorial was repaired as part of the Friends' volunteers continued efforts in Section B. The Rainforth memorial is next to the chapel mound and would help to improve this part of the cemetery. It was a simple cross near the path, and would help improve the overall area. The inscription reads: 59/236 In Loving Memory of Mary the dearly beloved wife of J. T. Rainforth who passed away august 6th 1919 (aged 77). Also of the above John Tonge Rainforth who died January 12th 1927 (aged 83 years).

Fine Memorials of Bridgwater dismantled the existing structure, and reset the base. A new cross was supplied (the old one being lost) and pinned and cemented into place.

Fine Memorials at work resetting the three tier plinth.

The Friends Volunteers then set about repairing the kerbs and renewing the chipping within.

The Friends volunteers working on the resetting of the kerbs.
The complete memorial looking as good as new, complete with new cross, repaired kerbs and stone chippings.

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