The Reed Obelisk C83/129

The Reed Obelisk, Anglican Section C, memorial 83/129, which remembers Charlotte, the first wife of Paul Octavious Haythorn Reed of Hamp House, their baby son Hamilton, then presumably Charlotte's mother, Juliet Ann Murray, and was repaired in the Summer 2014 by Fine Memorials for Ms. McGrandle and her family.

The inscription reads: 83/129 In Affectionate Memory of Charlotte wife of Paul Octavious Haythorne Reed of Hamp House, Bridgwater. Gentleman. Died 31st July 1862 aged 27 years. Also of Hamilton their infant son who died 2nd December 1861 aged 15 months. Also of Juliet Ann Murray who died 3rd October 1899 aged 86 years.

Reed Obelisk
The broken pillar in 2008, resting on the ground, having been toppled some time before.
The base and socket of the memorial in 2008.

Memorial 129 was repaired at the direction of descendants of the Reeds in the summer of 2014. This unusual monument is in the form of a broken pillar which symbolically represents the life cut short. It is located along the southern hedgerow, so is usually backdropped by green foliage, in a respectable part of the old Anglican portion of the cemetery. It was never meant to lay on the ground having been toppled some years ago, presumably by the District Council. Fortunately the memorial was straightforward to repair, Fine Memorials simply pinning and mortaring it back into place, by use of their portable gantry.

The pillar not long before being lifted, when the area was tided up by the Friends' volunteers.
Reed Obelisk
The repaired Reed Obelisk. August 2014.