The Richards Memorial F65/292

The Richards Memorial was repaired in the Summer of 2016 by Fine Memorials for the Friends

The Richards obelisk had been dismantled sometime in the 1990s. It was a grand white marble obelisk alongside a prominent path in the church of England side of the cemetery. We are yet to research this family and add them to the 'People' section of the website. If you have any infomation we'll be glad to hear from you.

Fortunately its base remained sound, which would make repair relatively easy, as well as having a high visual impact. For these reasons, along with this being the next area of focus for memorial repair, made this memorial a priority. With the Tucker obelisk on the other side of the path from Richards being repaired at the same time, this provides a visual gateway for visitors approaching the Paupers' burial ground. Repair simply involved Fine Memorials stabilising the base, then pinning and cementing the great pillar back into place using their gantry. For a few hours work this made all the difference.

After Fine Memorials had finished their work the Friends gave the memorial a clean.

The Richards Memorial in the Autumn of 2016, having been repaired.