The Shrimpton Memorial F48/305

The Shrimpton Memorial was repaired in the Spring of 2018 by Fine Memorials for the Friends and the Morgonians

Shrimpton Memorial
The Shrimpton memorial in 2008.

The Shrimpton memorial was repaired as part of the Friends' centenary commemoration of the end of the First World War in 1918. It stands in Anglican section F. The memorial's inscription reads:

48/305 In Loving Memory of Frederick E. Shrimpton died March 26th 1923 aged 88 years. Also Elizabeth wife of the above died October 3rd 1926 aged 75 years. Their son Kenneth died of wounds received at Messines June 12th 1917 aged 34 years. Interred at Etapeles.

Richard grew up in Bridgwater, North Street and attended Dr Morgan's School. He then moved to London to train as a draftsman. He emigrated to South Africa and then Australia in 1911. In 1915 he enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force. He was fatally wounded in June 1917 while serving in the trenches , during the Battle of Messines, dying soon afterwards.

The memorial is a large cross, which had been toppled. Fine Memorials re-levelled the base and pinned the cross back into position.

Shrimpton standing proud again after its repair, a fitting tribute to the family, and to Richard.