The Squibbs Memorial M2/1257

The Squibbs memorial was repaired on 31 August 2017 by Fine Memorials for the Friends

Squibbs before it was repaired.

The Squibbs memorial remembers an important family of artists and photographers. The inscription reads: In Loving Memory of Abraham Squibbs who died June 29th 1912 aged 67 years. Also of Louisa Caroline wife of the above who died May 13th 1931 aged 66 years. 'And so shall we ever be with the Lord'

The memorial takes the form of a large headstone, with carved gothic foliate detailing. This stood at the top of a kerbset surrounding the rest of the gravesite.

The Friends decided to repair this memorial for its historical importance. We arranged for the repair of this one and the adjoining large Smith memorial to improve the overall look of this part of the cemetery. Fine Memorials cemented and pinned the large tombstone back into place, while the Friends' volunteers cemented the kerbs back together.

Fine Memorials at work, bringing Squibbs up standing again.
Smith and Squibbs standing again.
Squibbs Memorial
The Squibbs Memorial after the Friends had complete the kerbs and added chippings from Cannington Quarry.

We were later contacted by a descendant of Abraham, who is now compiling a book on this very interesting individual.