The Stevens Memorial M20/887

The Stevens memorial was repaired in the Summer of 2016 by Fine Memorials for Mr and Mrs Fisher

Stevens memorial

The Stevens memorial consists of a large red polished granite cross. The inscription reads: 20/887 In Ever Loving Memory of Walter John Stevens late of Brislington, Bristol who passed peacefully away September 2nd 1925. Old Photo. Older Photo.

Over time toppling and subsidence had taken its toll. In the Summer of 2016 it was repaired by Fine Memorials and the Friends Volunteers for Mr and Mrs Fisher, in memory of their family members.

First of all the disarticulated parts had to be removed, the ground below levelled, then a new foundation platform set into place.
Stevens memorial
The heavy plinths, kerbs and the large crosses could then be cemented and pinned back into place.
When Fine Memorials had finished this, it was time for the Friends' volunteers to tidy up the inside of the kerbs.
Stevens memorial
The memorials then started to resemble something of their former glory. Here the Friends volunteers are hard at work laying membrane to slow the progress of weeds into the kerbs of the memorial. Hard work with a good reward.
Stevens memorial
The completed Stevens memorial with new chippings. Its repair greatly improved this entire area of the cemetery and we are very grateful for it.