The Symons Memorial D6/1/651

The Symons memorial was repaired in September of 2013 by Fine Memorials for Ms A. Wilkins

The Symons family were an important and prosperous Bridgwater family, religiously non-conformist, they were industrialists, being owners of brick and tile manufacturing companies. Many of their number lived in the grand Octavian House on Taunton Road. Their memorial is located immediately in front of where the old Dissenters' chapel stood and is one of the most prominent in the Cemetery in terms of location and execution. The memorial was restored for these reasons, as well as to repair the beautiful weeping angel to her proper place. This was done on behalf of Ms. A. Wilkins by Fine Memorials of Bridgwater.

The unrestored memorial; the surrounding pillars were toppled and the weeping angel was smashed into two.
The memorial after it had been restored by Fine Memorials; the pillars were lifted back into place and the angel had been reassembled.
The memorial after the weeds and soil had been removed by the Friends.
The weeping angel after cleaning.

Spring 2014

The inscription on this memorial reads: In affectionate remembrance of Ann Symons the beloved wife of W Symons of Osborne House, Burnham on Thursday August 20th 1868 aged 62 years. Her end was peace. Also the above named William Symons, Merchant died 3rd January 1876 aged 70 years. Also in loving memory of Annie G Symons wife of the above William Symons who died June 20th 1895 on her 66th birthday. Also in affectionate remembrance of Percival Symons Peirce who died April 15th 1896 in his 38th year. The will of the Lord be done.