The Trend Memorial E21/410

The Trend memorial was repaired in the Summer of 2011 by Fine Memorials for Alan and Rita Jones.

Trend Memorial
Trend Memorial

The Trend memorial was initially thought to be a small tree, it being so heavily overgrown. However, when the Friends volunteers got to work in this area, trimming revealed that it was a memorial of some height. A large cross on a massive block plinth. As work continued it became clear that the ivy was holding the memorial together and the resulting long term damage to the memorial was enough to make it unsafe. It was thus dismantled. Within a month, however, it was restored to its former glory. Fine Memorials were commissioned to repair the cross, and this was done with a long pin. That was inserted into the cross and it happily slotted back into place. The Friends volunteers also looked into Rev Trend, and his story can be read in the below link.

The inscription reads: Rev Henry Trend LL.D, born September 14th 1804, died June 27th 1869. Also Sarah his wife, born January 24th 1806, died March 3rd 1889. Jane Cristock, born February 2nd 1769, died March 15th 1856, Mary Cristock, born October 4th 1770, died January 23rd 1857. Clement Alexander fourth son of the Rev. Henry Trend and of Sarah his wife, born June 2nd 1844 died April 1st 1848.