The Waddell Memorial B2/118

The Waddell Memorial was Repaired in the Summer of 2016 by Fine Memorials for the Friends

The inscription reads: 2/118. Sacred to the Memory Thomas Busby Waddell who died 25th October 1914.

When the cemetery was surved in 2008 the Waddell memorial was covered by a mass of brambles. Above shows the same area in 2010
and then again in 2015.
Waddell Memorial
The brambles were cleared by the Friends Volunteers in 2011, revealing an utter mess of disarticulated memorials. Waddell is on the left above.
In 2013 the Friends and kind members of the public funded a major tidy up programme in this promient section of the cemetery. Many memorials were repaired and raised.
However, the original cross for the Waddell memorial could not be found. Fine Memorials had reset the memorial on a new foundation, but it remained just a plinth with kerbs. The Friends initially put some blue chippings within the kerb, but it was later decided to replace these with Grey Cannington chippings, to match the rest of the area. The blue ones will be used elsewhere.
Fortunately for the Waddell memorial a replacement was found. A cemetery near Wincanton had been sadly cleared in 2015, although a few fragments were salvaged, an attractive marble cross in this case. It fitted perfectly to this memorial, so it was pinned and cemented into place.
The Friends' volunteers then scrubbed the memorial clean.
Waddell Memorial
This, with a couple of other memorials, completed the repair and tidying of this section of the cemetery.
Waddell Memorial