The West Memorial Anglican A24/58

The West Memorial was put back up again in the Summer of 2014 by Fine Memorials for the Friends

West Memorial

The West Memorial is a stocky and solid block near the main path near the main gate of the cemetery. For some utterly bizarre reason it had been toppled by the District Council in the late 1990s, despite being of a shape, size and weight to have never been a concern for falling.

The inscription reads: 24/58. Sacred to the memory of Arthur West who died March 28th 1917 aged 17 years. Also Frank West father of the above who died November 26th 1941 aged 69 years. And of Effie Blanche West, wife of Frank West and mother of Arthur who died February 16th 1947 aged 73 years.

This memorial has an interesting carving of a cross on its side, presumably representing Christ's struggles with the cross, a metaphor for the life cut short of poor Arthur.

The stone was re-erected as part of the Friends effort to tidy up the section of the cemetery closest to the Wembdon Road, to improve the look of the site in this most visible area. The memorial was simply pinned and mortared back into place.

Fine Memorials in the process of conservation.
West Memorial
The memorial re-erected.