The Acland Memorial B20/99

The Acland Memorial was repaired in the Summer of 2014 by Fine Memorials for the Friends

Acland Memorial
The memorial in 2008, upright but not in its proper location.

The inscription reads: 20/99. In Loving Memory of Thomas Jacob beloved husband of Harriett Lucy Acland who departed this life January 13th 1927 aged 61 years. Also of the above Harriett Lucy Acland who departed this life March 2nd 1951 aged 83 years.

These are presumably related to the famous Aclands who owned shops on either side of North Street in Bridgwater. Their electrical company survives to this day.

The Acland memorial had toppled from its original location, but remained upright a few feet away. It was mortared and pinned back into its proper location by Fine Memorials, as part of the Friends effort to improve the vista of the cemetery from the Wembdon Road.

Acland Memorial
The memorial in the process of conservation and housing a quantity of Cannington Quarry chippings.

This memorial, with the many crosses repaired at the same time nearby, greatly improved the overall look of the cemetery, transforming the view from the Wembdon Road, and the experience as you walk along the main path. Now it is as if they had never been toppled at all, and we hope they'll survive for another hundred years to come.