The Barrow Memorial M99/992

The Barrow Memorial was repaired in the November of 2016 by Fine Memorials for Mrs Purchase

The Barrow Memorial as found in 2008 when the cemetery was initially surveyed.

The Barrow memorial is a tall and finely proportioned tombstone and kerb in a Greco-Roman revivial style. The inscription reads:

99/992 In Loving Memory of Sarah Maria Barrow the beloved wife of James Barrow who died October 11th 1928 aged 63 years. Thy will be done. Also James Stacey Barrow who died May 20th 1942 aged 82 years. At Rest.

At some point the headstone of this memorial had been toppled. It was thus part of a wider mass of toppled memorials along the Jam Factory Lane, to which the Friends turned our attention to in 2016. The repair of the memorial was organised by the family, which was carried out by Fine Memorials. They cemented and pinned the headstone onto a new foundation and improved the kerbset. The Friends then cleaned the marble and added new chippings to the kerb. At the same time a row of crosses behind the Barrow stone were also repaired, which greatly improved this whole part of the cemetery.

Barrow Memorial
The final touches to the restoration of this memorial, Rita rakes the new chippings.