The Batten Memorial B26/89

The Batten memorial was repaired in the Summer of 2014 by Fine Memorials for the Friends

Batten memorial
The memorial in 2008, toppled.

The Batten memorial, an interestingly designed cross, had been toppled but remained in good condition. This plot also had a carved book facing into the cemetery, towards the area where the chapel once stood. Sadly any text that was on there is now lost.

The inscription reads: 26/89. In Loving Memory of H. W. (Henry William) Batten born July 17th 1838 died November 11th 1884. Jesus wept. Also of Anna Hutchings mother of the above who died Oct. 23rd 1890 aged 79 years.

As part of the wider effort to tidy the area along the main path near the Wembdon Road entrance, the Batten memorial, an interestigly stylish angular cross, commemorating the Batten family was reassembled. This memorial had been dismantled by the District Council sometime in the 1990s and laid flat.

It was mortared and pinned back into its proper location by Fine Memorial, as part of the Friends effort to improve the vista of the cemetery from the Wembdon Road. This whole area now looks much better. Fine Memorials did an excellent job.

Batten memorial
The memorial having been re-erected. August 2012.
The Batten Memorial in about 1895.