The Bell Memorial A2/38

The Bell memorial was repaired in the Summer 2014 by Fine Memorials for Mrs and Mr Jones

Bell memorial
The Memorial in 2008
Bell memorial
The Angel discovered in 2014

The Bell memorial, the closest Anglican memorial to the Wembdon Road, was in such a bad condition when it was first discovered that no one knew that its cross carried an angel.

The inscription reads: 2/38. Rhoda Bell who fell asleep May 15 1931 aged 69 years. At Rest. Also Alfred Edward Bell beloved husband who fell asleep January 22 1936 aged 72.

Because of its prominence near to the busy Wembdon Road it was decided that this memorial should be conserved as a matter of urgency and the work was carried out at the benevolence of Mrs and Mr Jones. Fine Memorials first took the angel away to repair her and give her a clean in their workshop. Once in a state of good repair they retuned and pinned her and her cross back on to the base, which had in the mean time been reset and tidied up.

Bell Memorial
The memorial just before its new chippings from Cannington Quarry were added.
Bell memorial

Now this memorial stands proud again and is a very visible feature from the Wembdon Road. Behind is the headstone donated by the Cooperative Funeral Care of St John Street.