The Wembdon Road Cemetery contains almost 1500 surviving memorials. These range from small tablets to great obelisks, small crosses to the huge dissenting mausolea. They are a mix of granite, marble, slate, limestone and even red Wembdon. Clink on a box below to read more about the memorials of the Wembdon Road Cemetery. Learn about our comprehensive memorial survey, and the conservation work to repair as many as we can.

Survey of Memorials of the Wembdon Road Cemetery
Surviving Memorial Survey
Conservation of memorials in the Wembdon Road Cemetery.
Memorial Repair and Conservation

By becoming a member of the Friends of the Wembdon Road Cemetery you will gain full access to the memorial survey. This contains detailed maps and plans, inscriptions and links to biographies, where available. Above all, your membership will directly help us fund the repair of the memorials in the cemetery. Because of membership, as of 2022 we have arranged for over eight five headstones, crosses and obelisks to be professionally repaired by qualified NAMM memorial masons. Finally, if you have a family memorial in the cemetery in need of repair, please get in contact, or consider arranging for its conservation. By doing this we'll ensure the long term preservation of the cemetery and the respectful remembrance of the dead. We look forward to hearing from you!