Robert Roberts 1887-1919

Company Quartermaster Sergeant Canadian Forestry Corps

Robert Roberts was born on 18 November 1887 in Liverpool to Robert and Alice Roberts. In 1901, aged 14, he and his family emigrated to Canada and settled in Regina, Saskatewan. On 3 October 1911 he married Edna Bessie Webber of Regina.

On 3 April 1916 he enlisted in Regina. Before the war he was a lumberman, which is why he was appointed to the Canadian Forestry Corps when it formed later that year, although before he served in the 95th Saskatewan Rifles. He died of pneumonia on 6 February 1919 in Stirling, Scotland. He was aged 33. His connection to Bridgwater is not quite clear, although Roberts is a well-established local name he probably had kinsmen in the town, hence why he was buried in the Wembdon Road.

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