Can you help us with this mystery?

We found among the burial records recently an intriguing entry: William Gibbins (probably Gibbons) buried 7 November 1925, aged 55, 'an explorer, of 52 Torrington Square, London, S.W.'. William was the son of William John Gibbons, a cab driver in Bridgwater.

We were kindly helped by Andy Stevens, who found out that William Gibbons was living in Toro, Uganda, East Africa prior to his death in Torrington Square on the 2 October 1925. The administration of his will was on the 2 October 1925 in London with the effects of £298 19s 5d going to Walter Gibbons a Journalist.

Torrington was where SOAS University of London was founded. We were kindly helped by Olenka Cogias of SOAS, who couldn't find any leads in their collections.

From there the trail has gone cold. We'd love to know more about William, and what his life as an 'explorer' actually involved.

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