Bridgwater and the First World War

Stories from the Wembdon Road Cemetery

Bridgwater and the First World War tells the story of many of town's servicemen who gave their lives in the conflict, as well as the story of the town over those terrible years.

Through 2014 to 2018, to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the First World War, the Friends' Volunteers painstakingly researched all 53 servicemen either buried or remembered in the Wembdon Road Cemetery. Since then we have been working to revise, expand and publish this information, to create a picture of the impact of that terrible war upon the town. From this work, we are pleased to say that our new book on Bridgwater and the First World War is now available to buy. This book is 170 pages and contains 66 biographies of Bridgwater servicemen - 60 of whom were killed. This also includes background information on what was going on in the town at the same time. Learn how the news of the war was received in the town, about the early battles of the war, and how its end was celebrated and then remembered. Includes stories from almost all theatres of the war - from the horrors of the Western Front, to the folly of Gallipoli, the campaigns in Palestine, the fighting in Africa as well as the war at sea, in the air, and in the very first battle of the Tanks.

Fully illustrated throughout in black and white, with an index of all the soldiers of the town killed during the war.

This book can be purchased on ebay here or Amazon here.