Burial Registers for the Wembdon Road Cemetery

The Members section of the website contains the current browse-able records we have on the various churches and chapels in Bridgwater.

Church of England

Full searchable transcriptions of the burial registers of Anglican portion of the cemetery are available in the members' section, encompassing the parishes of St. Mary's and Holy Trinity. These are arranged by year divided between the following registers:

1851 to 1853

1854 to 1871

1872 to 1921

1922 to 1950

1951 to 1977

St Mary's Parish Church, Bridgwater

These transcriptions give the name of the deceased, their last abode, age at death, the officiating vicar, the grave number and sometimes details of the cause of death and notes on next of kin.


Burials of non conformists at Wembdon Road commenced in 1853 from all the chapels in the town and sometimes beyond. A digital copy of every page of the original cemetery Burial register can be searched which covers the first 2,313 consecutive entries up to 1902, and details on burials after 1902 are available on request. These entries give the name of the deceased, family connection / occupation, last abode, age at death, burial date, the officiating vicar, the grave number and the cost of interment.

Other Registers and Records available to Members

As well as the records for the Wembdon Road Cemetery, our members can also access registers and burial records for other burial grounds and specific congregations. Currently we have published:

Surveys of the surviving memorials in St Mary's Church and churchyard; Holy Trinity churchyard; St John's churchyard; the Wesleyan burial ground & the Quaker Burial Ground.

Burial Registers for the Quaker Burial Ground; Wesleyan Burial Ground, Independent Burial Ground; St Joseph's Roman Catholic (Gordon Terrace) Chapel churchyard.

Burial Registers for the Mariner and Unitarian Congregations

The Workhouse Register of Deaths 1866 to 1913

With many more records to follow.

For a modest donation to support our conservation work, we also offer a research service which can identify the exact location of most burials in the cemetery. For further details please press Contact Us below with your enquiries.