The Carver Memorial D6 79/791

The Carver Memorial was repaired in the Summer of 2016 by Fine Memorials for the Friends.

The memorial as found in 2008 when the cemetery was first surveyed.

The Carvers were a family of shipwrights, whose shipyard operated on East Quay. Their memorial had been toppled and in 2008 it was heavily overgrown. The memorial inscription reads: 79/791 In Loving Memory of Ellen beloved wife of Francis J Carver who entered into rest August 27th 1898 aged 58 years. Also of Francis James Carver husband of the above who died April 30th 1908 aged 73 years. In Loving Memory of Francis James beloved husband of Annie M Carver who entered into rest April 1st 1921 aged 59 years. In Loving Memory of Annie Mary wife of Francis J Carver JP died 22nd September 1960 aged 96 years. Cremated and interred at Arnos Vale.

In 2015 the Friends cleaned the area along the adjoining path. The Carver plot was tidied up at the time. About a hundred yards away the missing lily from its cross was also found while clearing some brambles. It took us a while to work out where it was from!

In the Summer of 2016 the Friends arranged for the memorial's repair as it formed part of that year's Spring walking tour on the mariners of Bridgwater, but also because it is a prominent memorial in this otherwise neglected part of the cemetery. The base being sound, Fine Memorials simply pinned and cemented the memorial back into place. In the future they will return to glue the missing lily back on, while the Friends will seek to clean the memorial and tidy up its kerbs.