Old Bridgwater

Here you will find material relating to Old Bridgwater beyond the cemetery, where we hope you will find useful resources for other Bridgwater ancestors, as well as life in town during the cemetery's operation. We are constantly looking to expand the number of resources available to members, if you might enjoy volunteering in the local record offices, or compiling material from afar, you can get involved and we would like to hear from you.

Other Bridgwater Burial Grounds
Here you will find histories, burial records and memorial surveys of the other burial grounds around the town.
Old Bridgwater
This section is under construction and more materials will be added over time.
Old Bridgwater
Postcards of Old Bridgwater
This section is under construction, but will be a compendium of images of the centre of the town and many of the streets.
Index of Bridgwater History Books
Here you will find a list of works to consult to learn more about the town and what it was like in the time of your ancestors.
Notes on Memorial Masons and Undertakers This section is under construction
Other Bridgwater Obituaries

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