The Harris Memorial 2/4

The Harris Memorial was repaired in March 2023 for the Friends of the Wembdon Road Cemetery by Fine Memorials.

The Harris memorial before and after its re-erection. Note the sheer amount of this memorial that rests underground. Also note the signature for Green's Memorial masons.
The Harris Memorial

This is a large gothic tombstone had been laid flat on the ground, probably in the 1990s during the District Councils over-zealous application of memorial testing (hence shown to have been over done). It was in great condition, not having split or failed in anyway. It has been earmarked for repair by the Friends at the end of 2022, as it is a large stone that will help improve the tranquil 'Old Ground' of the Dissenters' side of the cemetery, which runs along the sandstone wall. Raising the memorial would also prevent possible damage to from the mowers. The inscription reads:

In Loving Memory of Mary Ann Harris the beloved wife of Isaac Harris, died January 11th 1882 aged 58 years. Also SA Harris died May 17th 1858 aged 4 years. Not lost but gone before. Isaac Harris. Died January 17th 1895 aged 71 years. Thy will be done.

Isaac Harris was a shoemaker of Friarn Street, Bridgwater. He was originally from Charlinch, and the family were Congregationalists. He married Mary Ann Jolliffe, and you can read their full story here.

Fine Memorials were able to hoist this memorial back into position, and pack the base to ensure that it does not settle in the years to come. They did a grand job.